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  2048 : A Diary

A young Londoner dreams of stardom
until it makes him face himself.

If you like Hitchikers’, or Blade Runner, or grok the silliness of David Lynch, Repoman, and Buckaroo Bonzai, this is a solid.

- Monty Lawton

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"Fast-paced rock story of the near future"


The diary of a crazy mixed up kid in 2048 London who becomes an overnight global pop sensation, this book overflows with energy and inspired imagery. Like a literary mash-up of David Bowie, "Blade Runner," Robert Heinlein and "A Clockwork Orange," "2048:A Diary" is a fascinating glimpse into a hectic, not to distant future full of synthetic drugs, cutting edge technology, and dreams of rock 'n roll stardom.

Buckle up for the ride as this imaginative roller coaster trip through the highs and lows of mid-twentieth century living unfold through the eyes and words of its confused but sympathetic and erudite hero.

If there's any justice in pop culture, this book will become a Nexflix series sooner rather than later.


- Simon K. (Amazon reader)

"Rock your way to heaven"


James Cherry's imaginative diary/novel gives a glimpse into a possible future. His hero Ignatius Fumbo is a slacker/wannabe rocker who relishes life and dreams of stardom as a musician. 

"I say heaven is here and now, we just need to wake up to it," pretty much sums up Fumbo's view of life from his May 25, 2048 diary entry. What the reader must know going in is this is a read that celebrates the imagination. Get ready for a wild ride as Teleternity is the hottest new religion and people are shrunk to combat waste in the world. 

Don't put your expectations on it, just let it come to you. It's a diary, after all. Thus, the reader has the pleasure of being a voyeur into the private memoir of a slightly "barmy," but acutely aware young chap living in the near future. 

Mr. Cherry also delivers plenty of fun for those who love language, creating a futuristic Brit-inspired vernacular reminiscent of Anthony Burgess' "A Clockwork Orange." Membrain, mindchip, Teletemple, and vegeplast are a few of my favorite coinages.

If you have fond memories of Terry Gilliam's 1985 movie "Brazil" you'll love "2048: A Diary."

- Michael Arturo

"Futuristic Mod Romp"


The London of the future with plenty of nods to London of the past. It's Ziggy Stardust meets Anthony Burgess, with a little Rudi Gernreich, L. Ron Hubbard, and Jonathan Swift thrown in for good measure.  Mr. Cherry has a witty, engaging style that makes this a fun, breezy read in spite of the dystopian subject matter.

I highly recommend you give it a go. 


- Carol Klausson





A song by Mystery Girl, a pop star in 2048

Lyrics by James Cherry / Music & Performance by Dylan Dray






Author's Illustrations

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Electric trikes are common vehicles in 2048

Merchandising logo for hero's band

Art for a single by the hero's band


Six characters have a week to solve their lives while a serial killer stalks the neighborhood.




"Read this book"


Wow. I have not laughed out loud so many times since reading Henry Miller's "Tropic of Cancer" decades ago. The prismatic definitions and deft weaving of separate threads pull the reader into the story to the point of feeling the desert heat along with the characters. 

This is entertainment but it's more than just joyful escapism. It captures a specific time and place that would otherwise be lost to us.

Brilliant, hilarious, disturbing, and heartwarming, with an ending somewhat reminiscent of "Dr. Strangelove" that you'll never guess.

- Christy (Amazon reader)

"I loved Coronado 92"


This was a fun read. It takes a lot to keep my attention and I read this quickly. The author's descriptions are colorful and entertaining, and the edgy characters are relatable and likable. I won't give this one away as I look forward to reading it again and look forward to that. Five stars all the way.

J. Shepard (Amazon reader)

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